Why do Unions join Federations?

There are certain very important bodies, such as the International Civil Service Commission – ICSC, that cannot handle all the Unions of the UN Common System coming to meetings at the same time. For that reason, Unions join Federations, which represent them at ICSC meetings, as well as at meetings of the HR Network and other bodies.
The United Nations Staff Union recently joined CCISUA – the Coordinating Committee of International Staff Unions and Associations of the United Nations System. CCISUA is, in our opinion, a healthy combination of Secretariat and non-Secretariat Unions. It is currently led by the President of the Union of the International Labour Organization – ILO and is a member in its own right of the General Federation of Trade Unions – GFTU, a body located in London composed of highly specialized Unions throughout the world. We feel, therefore, that CCISUA has the necessary expertise to further the protection of the rights of our members at all levels.
CCISUA does not have mandatory annual fees, but it does need the financial support of its members in order to fully function. When we joined, we became CCISUA’s largest member. Since we represent approximately 25,500 colleagues, we decided to pledge USD $20,000.00 per year to support our Federation; however, smaller Unions pledge less.