The United Nations Staff Union is the is a Labor Union representing New York Secretariat Staff, Locally Recruited Staff in the field, and Staff Members of UN Information Centers. It is the staff’s own representative body in negotiations with management around the world, separate from any administrative control. All staff members are automatic members of the Union, and may approach the Union with grievances or complaints against supervisors or the administration, and may be represented if desired by someone from the Staff Council in following any grievance procedure that may be initiated. Dues-paying members enjoy additional privileges such as the ability to run for Union office, to serve as a representative on a statutory committee, and to receive financial assistance from UNSU funds. Dues are optional and operate on a sliding scale, and are used to:

  • Fund Union participation in expert body meetings such as those of the ICSC
  • Train newly elected staff representatives
  • Pay for legal services
  • Express views to high-level UN officials and Member States including through social activities such as an annual joint reception with all Secretariat Unions for delegates of the 5th Committee/ACABQ
  • And other activities, as voted upon by either the Executive Board and Staff Council, through which all staff members get to vote on how their money gets used by the Union.

Learn how to become a Dues-Paying Member or a Staff Representative to contribute to your colleagues’ rights and make your voice heard in the Union.