44th Staff Council Resolutions

Below are the resolutions passed by the previous Staff Council.

RES44_41 Annual contribution CCISUA (6 March 2014)

RES44_42 AFT visit (6 March 2014)

RES44_43 Formalization of relations with AFT

RES44_44 Financial aspect of formalization of relations with AFT

RES44_45 UNSU participation SMC Valencia 2014

RES44_46 Local Salary Trainning

RES44_47 Participation in AFT Convention 2014 (5 june 2014)

RES44_48 Participation in SMC-4 (19 feb 2015)

RES44_49 International Affiliation – CCISUA Annual Contribution 2015

RES44_50 Participation of UNSU Representatives to 30th CCISUA GA(12 March 2015)

RES44_51 UNSU delegation to 62nd Pension Board meeting

RES44_52 New York Local Salary survey -announcement of result&related discussions

RES44_53 UNSU participation SMC 5 Vienna 2016 (11 February 2016)

RES44_54 Extension of agreement with AFT

RES44_55 31st CCISUA GA and Annual Contribution (7april2016)

RES44_56 Extension of agreement with AFT 2016 (14 April 2016)

RES44_57 AFT convention 2016 (2 June 2016)

RES44_58 Pension Board elections (9 June 2016)

RES44_59 63rd Pension Board meeting Vienna (9 June 2016)

RES44_60 Participation of UNSU at ICSC 83rd session Geneva(30 june 2016)

RES44_61 Hiring of Finance Assistant (20 October 2016)

RES44_62 FICSA Council (19 January 2017)

RES44_63 Audit of 44th Staff Council (26 January 2016)

RES_GM_44_01_New Business Model _5 DEC 2012__advanced

RES44_01 Representation of UNISERV icsc14july2011

RES44_02 – YPP Exam and Career Opportunities (4 August 2011)

RES44_03 Elimination of mid-month pay (4 August 2011)

RES44_04 Attack on UN Premises in Abuja _8 September 2011_

RES44_05 Approved Budget 44th Staff Council

RES44_06 In support of our security staff (29 September 2011)

RES44_07 Membership of UNSU at the Federation Level (1 Nov 2011)

RES44_07-2 Hiring of Bookkeeper in preparation for Audit

RES44_08 Rqst OIOS invstg 2010 comp exams (22 Nov 2011)

RES44_09 Proposed budget cuts and abolishment of posts at HQ (8 Dec 2011)

RES44_10 CCISUA Seminar on Pensionable Remuneration (20 Dec 2011)

RES44_11 Accountability and the administration of justice (16 Feb 2012)

RES44_12 Financial support for legal representation Leboeuf case (1 March 2012)

RES44_13 Campaign for dues paying members of the UNSU (15 March 2012)

RES44_14 Legal Advisor for the UN Staff Union (29 March 2012)

RES44_15 Special SMC on Mobility _5 April 2012_ final draft

RES44_16 Staff mobility in the UN Secretariat (12 April 2012)

RES44_17 Participation at SMC1 Arusha (19 April 2012)

RES44_18 Compliance with decisions of the GA (19 April 2012)

RES44_19 Amendment to adopted budget of the 44th Staff Council (19 April 2012)

RES44_20 Eligibility for enrolment in MetLaw legal plan (17 May 2012)

RES44_21 Nomination of staff representatives to Central Review Bodies (13 September 2012)

RES44_22 Decision of ICSC on Post Adjustment in New York (20 September 2012)

RES44_23 Staff Pension Committee Elections EM Services (27 September 2012)

RES44_23(2) WFP-PSA training Rome November 2012 (4 oct 2012)

RES44_24 Staff Relief Fund for Hurricane Sandy (8 November 2012)

RES44_25 Post Adjustment Freeze Grievance(14 Feb 2013)

RES44_26 Cafeteria and catering cutbacks at HQ (14 Feb 2013)

RES44_27 Amendment budget 44th Staff Council (21 Feb 2013)

RES44_28 Hiring of consultant for records management (19 July 2012) final

RES44_29 Capacity Building for Local Salary Survey UNHQ 2014 _19 July 2012_ final draft

RES44_30 Financial support post adjustment grievance (11 April 2013)

RES44_31 Clarification UNSU regulation 6.8 apportionment (25 April 2013)

RES44_32 Participation of UNSU at CCISUA GA in Valencia (28 Feb 2013)

RES44_33 Participation of UNSU representatives in SMC-II _23 May 2013_ final draft

RES44_34 UN Staff Relief Committee Syrian Refugees (27 June 2013)

RES44_35 Communication Strategy (2 July 2013)

RES44_36 Guidelines UNSU contributions relief efforts (11 July 2013)

RES44_37 Union elections 45th Council term _19 September 2013

RES44_38_Audit Committee Training (16 January 2014)

RES44_39_Relief Fund Typhoon Haiyan (23 January 2014)

RES44_40 UNSU participation CCISUA GA29_(6 March 2014)_final